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L’écriture hiéroglyphique et ses dérivés, 2: Proto-sinaitic Script (ne nécessite pas de connaissances égyptologiques préalables)


12 mars 2020


Mme Noémie Monbaron, UNIGE

Mme Aurélie Quirion, UNIGE



Prof. Manfred Krebernik, Université de Ién


Proto-Sinaitic Script

The Proto-Sinaitic Script is considered the earliest trace of alphabetic writing. It was invented by Semitic people who borrowed the Pharaonic hieroglyphic signs to write their language in the 2nd millennium BC. This alphabet was then developed all around the Mediterranea and by extension is at the origin of every other subsequent alphabet used in this region.

There is only a small corpus of inscriptions. The first ones were found at Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai Peninsula in 1904 by Flinders Petrie. Others were found later in Canaan and recently in the Wadi El-Hol in Middle Egypt.

The seminar will start with a brief history of research, including the most recent publications and the present state of the art. Secondly, selected inscriptions will be presented and discussed. Thirdly, we will deal with problems concerning the forms and names of the letters, and with the earliest abecedaries and their letter orders.


Le cours sera dispensé en anglais

11h-16h (avec pause repas entre 13h-14h)




Université de Genève - Bâtiment Colladon

Salle Denis de Rougement

Rue Jean-Daniel-Colladon 2




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