Old Powers in Action: Athens and Boiotia in the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Periods

Auteur Roy VAN WIJK
Directeur /trice Prof. Fabienne Marchand
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s)
Résumé de la thèse

The project revolves around the interstate relations between Attica and Boeotia, starting in the Archaic Period and ending shortly after the rise of the Hellenistic successor kingdom. Special focus is placed on the political interaction during the Classical period, in which both areas obtained the hegemony over Greece for a limited amount of time; the dynamics of the borderregion between both areas and how it continually changed and was perceived during the course of the Archaic and Classical Period; and finally, the celebrations and commemorations of both areas when it concerned one another and the way sanctuaries were incorporated in the narrative and as a projection of these interstate relations.


Hopefully, this research will spark interest amongst scholars interested in border studies, interstate relations in Archaic and Classical Greece, Greek (border)sanctuaries and the commemoration of war and victory in the framework of colloboration and opposition between two neighbouring areas.

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